❭ computational scientist
❭ open-source software contributor
❭ creative

Computational scientist working for the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS). Open-source software & open science aficionado. Recreational artist, guitar music enthusiast & chess student.


Replicating Ellsworth Kelly with random sampling

I recently undertook another mini-project to do something creative with matplotlib. This time I generated works in the spirit of Ellsworth Kelly's 'by chance' series.

Intricate tilings using matplotlib: repolygon

I'm part way through tidying up the core of my project repolygon for quick production of designs of tiled polygons in Python. Learn more about it here!


New website!

Welcome to my new personal website! Note I'm actively developing it, so it is fairly basic for now. Soon I'll write a little about the motivation behind it & the design choices I have made for it.